How to Find the Child Custody Attorney

Child Custody Lawyers are Your Best Friends in a Divorce

Finding the right child custody lawyer in Utah can be difficult. There are literally hundreds of attorneys in Utah, so how do you know what the best option is? I will answer that question and more in this article which should make your process much easier.

Things to keep in mind when it comes to child custody:

  1. When children are involved, things will often get more aggressive than you think they will so don’t try to go it alone
  2. It is easy for either party to muddy the waters of a child custody case if attorneys are not involved

This is going to be an emotional situation for both parties no matter how you break it down. It is almost always the case that both parents want to see their children as much as possible. When decisions are being made on this matter, emotions will rise and people can often act unexpectedly. For example, you and your ex decide to go about the process cordially, but 50/50 custody won’t work with school schedules. All of a sudden someone gets to see the kids more and things become a little less cordial. You give because you want to be cordial and decide they will be with your ex on the weekdays and you on the weekend. This is still not satisfactory for your ex because everyone wants the kids on the weekend. Emotions rise and you decide that you will not give on this aspect. Your ex decides to get the kids to say that things are happening so that you look unfit to be their guardian and… I think you get the point. That is why it is highly recommended to retain an attorney in a child custody case.

Things to look for in a child custody attorney:

  1. Experience – Look for experience in divorce and child custody cases and ask for references
  2. Reviews – Look for legitimate online reviews specifically about divorce and child custody
  3. Education – Look at the attorney’s education and the reputation their law school has when it comes to family law

Things to remember through the process:

Things can change on a dime in a child custody case. Avoid mud slinging as that can easily go both ways and will prolong the process. Always think about and fight for what is truly best for your children and not just what feels best for your ego. Use an excellent child custody lawyer when possible to achieve the best results for your children. Do not do or say things regarding the situation without first consulting with your attorney. Remember that regardless of what you say, who you say it to or when you say it, those things can be brought up and make the situation more difficult. While it may be tempting to discuss the situation with those close to you such as family members, don’t do it without the consent of your attorney.


How to Modify Custody Agreements

What are some common issues where I would want to get a child custody attorney involved?

Custody is one of those things that can get ugly if it is not handled correctly. Nobody wants to be surprised by a child custody lawyer. It typically means that the other party is trying to increase their custody, and this typically comes as bad news.

When you are looking at using a child custody attorney you should know that there are two main times that a child custody attorney will get involved. The first time is the time that we always think about… right when the divorce is happening. There is one other time when it is very common to get a child custody lawyer involved and that is for custody modification purposes. Here are some things that you should think about when you are dealing with child custody:

  1. If your ex has hired a child custody attorney, you should do the same because this could be bad news for you if you don’t. It is common for one party to hire an attorney and for the other party to represent themselves. It is very uncommon for this to work out in the favor of the person who has not hired an attorney.
  2. Do not over react. We know that this is a frustrating and emotional decision. Find a good attorney quickly and avoid saying anything that could be used against you.
  3. Remember that your children are involved in this decision and always try to make a rational decision as to what is best for them.

When can someone file for modification of custody?

Either parent can file for a custody modification at any point. As long as the proper forms are filed, there are no limitations as to when this can happen. You and your ex can agree upon custody changes at any point, however, this is not extremely common because most people want to see their kids more than they get to. It is not only advised that you keep your kids’ best interest in mind when coming to a custody agreement, your judge will also take several factors into account to determine what they feel is best for the child. These things include:

  1. Parents’ conduct and moral standards
  2. Which parent is more likely to allow the child frequent and continuing contact with the other parent
  3. Quality of the relationship between the children and the parent
  4. Likelihood that the parent will act in the children’s best interest
  5. Whether joint custody will benefit the child physically, psychologically and emotionally
  6. Distance between the parents’ homes
  7. History or potential for abuse

While these are not all of the factors that the courts take into account, they are some of the major factors. Some of the main times that you might see one spouse of the other file for a modification in custody is when one of these factors change. If you need a good family law attorney, feel free to reach out. If we can’t help you, we will put you in contact with someone who can.Child Custody Lawyer


How to Find the Best DUI Attorney

Tips For Finding the Right DUI Attorney

Finding the right DUI attorney in Utah is all about experience. DUI law is complicated and needs to be fully understood in order for an attorney to help you. A good DUI attorney can save you thousands of dollars or more when you look at the long term effects of a DUI on your record.

You should look at a few things when you are vetting a possible DUI attorney:

  1. Number of cases they have worked on and success rate. Get testimonials and talk with former clients if possible.
  2. Education that lends to their knowledge of DUI law
  3. Communication skills when discussing your situation.

Many people don’t understand the intricacies of the court system. There are situations that we have seen where simply understanding the process has allowed charges to be dropped. If a person were representing themselves, this would not have been the case. This is why we tell people that it is always less expensive to hire the right DUI attorney.

Utah DUI law can be especially confusing. This is bad for people who don’t understand the system, but is actually a benefit to an attorney who understands the system well. More moving pieces leaves more opportunity for error on the opposing side. Errors and the knowledge of when those could happen is what allows people being faced with DUI charges to avoid the charges.

One thing that we recommend is that you do not admit to guilt as shown in the video below:

Things you should be aware of that could get your DUI dismissed:

  1. Necessity – Necessity refers to someone driving only because it was the lesser of two evils. As an example, Steve lives in a rural location with no cell service and no means of immediately contacting anyone.  His son has a severe allergic reaction and Steve is the only person available to drive his son to the hospital.  If he is stopped and charged with driving under the influence, he can invoke the necessity defense.
  2. Entrapment – This defense is in the event that a driver is encouraged to drive while intoxicated by an officer. The defendant has to be able to prove that he/she would not have driven drunk if not for the alleged entrapment.
  3. Mistake of Fact – When the defendant honestly believes that he/she was not intoxicated. An example of this is when the defendant is believes his/her prescribed medication has worn off, when in reality it has not.  This can be a difficult defense to prove in court.
  4. Improper Stop – This is one of the more common defenses in a DUI case. In this scenario, the defendant claims the officer did not have probable cause to make the traffic stop that led to the DUI charge.
  5. Accuracy/Administration of Field Sobriety Test – A judge may rule an arrest improper if it was founded on an inaccurate result of a field sobriety test, or if it was administered improperly. The horizontal gaze nystagmus and the walk and turn are two commonly challenged tests.

If you need help on a DUI case, contact us today!

How to Hire a General Practice Attorney

banner-learning-lawGeneral practice attorneys are important. There are a few advantages to working with a General Practice Attorney, particularly in the event that you have a solitary lawful issue to determine or in the event that you are taking a gander at approaches to diminish costs. Generally, they are less costly, and this is especially true if the general practice attorney works at a solo law firm. Compared to their bigger legitimate partners, they frequently have the adaptability to procure outside staff, for example, paralegals and lawful specialists, to lower costs and/or help with uncommon errands. They can likewise give more one-on-one individual consideration since the attorney would deal with your case normally without any help.

Tips on How to Hire a General Practice Attorney

box3Then again, these law offices may need broad experience or assets, particularly if the attorney is a late law graduated or has restricted access to lawful assets and information. Other than that, you can also find general practice attorneys at little law offices, likewise alluded to as boutique law offices. These generally utilize from two to ten attorneys, regularly permitting the legal counselors a chance to work together with different legal counselors on muddled or related lawful matters.

divorce-attorneysOn account of the affectionate circle of legal advisors in little law offices, these organizations frequently have the vibe of solo law offices, for example, having close one-on-one consideration, yet may likewise take into account representation of a more extensive scope of lawful subjects.Extensive law offices, otherwise called full-benefit firms, can run in size from a few many legal counselors and workers to a few a huge number of representatives including legal advisors, paralegals, managerial staff, human asset masters, curators and other staff, and can exist in different urban areas, states, and even nations. The general practice lawyers in such big firms often work with one another to handle your case.

Hiring a General Practice Attorney

gavel-670x444There are many different kinds of attorneys specializing in different areas of the law today and it can be a confusing thing when you need to hire one. Finding a decent attorney who can proficiently help with your specific issue may not be simple. Try not to hope to find a decent legal counselor by just looking in the telephone directory or perusing an ad. In case you are looking for a lawyer that can handle many types of cases so you would not have to go to different specialized lawyers and you can save time, a General Practice Attorney is the one you want.

Things to Know about Hiring a General Practice Attorney

To find a good one, consider referrals. Distinctive individuals will have diverse reactions to an attorney’s style and identity. Don’t decide on procuring a legal advisor until you’ve met the legal counselor, examined your case, and concluded that you feel good working with him or her. Organizations who give administrations to key players in the legitimate region you are keen on may likewise have the capacity to help you recognize legal advisors you ought to consider. These individuals come into successive contact with legal counselors who speak to business customers and are in a position to make educated judgments.

images-2Corporations also usually have dealings with general practice attorneys, so you should be able to get referrals from them. Once you have found a recommended one, consider the size of the law firm. Big law offices have some expertise in every aspect of the law and normally have enormous lawful offices, for example, corporate, work, and land bunches. Furthermore, major law offices can deal with most sorts of lawful work, including business exchanges, like mergers and acquisitions, scale prosecution, and criminal barrier matters. On the other hand, if your case is not so specialized, then a general practice attorney from a solo firm may be enough.